Social Media Integration

In this current day of social media, there are numerous ways to make use if the various API’s and tools out there. This being said, how many people make full use of them to drive traffic to their own sites rather to these social media sites?
The answer … less than 2% of all people who use social media have thought about making better use of it within their own sites.

The main purpose of this presentation will be outline how the various Facebook APIs can help to enhance and drive traffic to your sites.

The topics to be covered throughout this presentation will include building and maintaining dynamic Facebook Apps and pages by utilising live examples. It will also describe and demonstrate the main plug-ins that you can embed into your own sites in order to improve your visitors user experience and drive even more traffic to your sites.

The final thing I will cover is the information that can be retrieved when people, who frequent Facebook, will provide to you when they visit your site. By making better use of this information it is possible to generate content relevant to the demographics of those visiting you or enable you to better target your preferred demographics.