Anti-CMS Evolved

Phalanger is an open source tools that allows PHP to be compiled down to the .Net CLR. The value of this might not seem immediately obvious but there are real world use cases for how this can be used. Jadu use Phalanger to compile our PHP based CMS to .Net and use C# to create an ASP.Net front-end. This unlikely marriage of technologies combines the power of both languages and opens new opportunities to developers. The aim of this talk is to give an account of Jadu’s involvement with the Phalanger project and describe our experiences along the way. How and why should an enterprise content management company use Phalanger? What benefits does it bring? How do developers find working with Phalanger?

The talk will cover: What is Phalanger and what can you do with it? some history overview of what Phalanger does Why in God’s name would you want to do that? real world use cases Using Phalanger with a pre-existing PHP project How to compile and use existing projects, e.g. phpBB and WordPress Getting down and dirty – mixing .Net and PHP A bridge between .Net and PHP Use a PHP library / system from within .Net