Jon "The Nice Guy" Spriggs

Jon Spriggs (known as JonTheNiceGuy for all the right reasons) is a man walking several paths. By day, he is a Network Security professional, working for a major international Systems Integrator. By night, he writes awful PHP code, and then at the weekends, he tries to convince everyone that Free (as in Freedom) software could be the right choice for them. Every now and then he finds time to be a radio amateur and a father too.

An occasional blogger, a recovering IRC addict, an infrequent social media butterfly (on self-hosted platforms, when possible), a retired LUG organiser and podcaster, Jon wears many hats (*). Some of them even fit.

Jon is passionate about all these aspects of his life, and enjoys sharing them with you.

(*) The hats are not real. They are, in fact, a metaphor. Hats don’t suit him. They make his ears stick out.

Jon "The Nice Guy" Spriggs


Twitter: @JonTheNiceGuy