Clinton Ingrams

Clinton has been teaching programming (and many other IT-related topics) for over 25 years at FE and HE level. He completed his Masters degree in IT at De Montfort University (Leicester) in 1998, and has been there ever since as a Senior Lecturer. Having first downloaded PHP in 2000, he was invited to start teaching it in 2004.

He is currently delivering modules relating to the security of web systems; teaching PHP to final year students (Secure Web Application Development) and vulnerabilities of web applications (with pentesting) to second year and postgraduate students (Secure Web Systems). He is looking forward to teaching PHP to second year students from October 2013, just in time for their placement year. He also gets involved with industrial/commercial partnerships such as KTPs and consultancy, and has spent many happy months delivering degree modules in Malaysia, Singapore and China.

Any spare time is spent with his family, and his double basses.

Clinton Ingrams


Twitter: @cfing99