Akihito Koriyama

Akihito Koriyama is the author of the the BEAR.Sunday web framework and is also the senior architect for the Excite group in which is a household name in Japan. All Excite projects are built using BEAR based software and have proven to scale to millions of users. Akihito also authored BEAR.Saturday and Google Guice clones Ray.DI and Ray.AOP. Akihito is an extremely impressive man who steps over cultural and traditional coding mindset boundaries. He thinks outside the box and is a great teacher who has been very successful in developing software, training and writing his own open source PHP based software. Richard McIntyre will be helping with translation. It is great opportunity to see how a Japanese/Zen outlook on Software design can come up with something very different from traditional MVC.

Akihito Koriyama


Twitter: @koriym